Graham community rallies to help young boy diagnosed with leukemia

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We’ve shared many stories of Texoma communities rallying around those in need and Monday, one family felt the full force of what can happen when they do. 

James Steege was just diagnosed with leukemia on March 6 and after one non-profit heard his story, they came together to let him and his family know they are not alone. 

“Never thought something like this could ever happen,” said Jonathan Steege, James’ father. 

At 7-years-old, you think of playing sports and being with friends, not lying in a hospital bed receiving treatments for leukemia.

“Never expected his condition to come along to our family either but for the community, everyone coming together, it’s been amazing,” Steege said. 

Steege and his wife, Victoria, initially moved their family from California to be closer to more specialized doctors for their daughter Emma who has a rare genetic disorder. 

But they were thrown another curveball when their son James received a cancer diagnosis in early March.

“About two weeks after his initial diagnosis, we got some results back from a specialty lab and they said that he has a form of leukemia called Philadelphia chromosome positive,” said Victoria.  

That’s when Victoria’s sister-in-law intervened and contacted a local non-profit through Facebook called the Young County Greater Good Project.

“We’ve put together these types of things before and we just knew this was something we wanted to jump on,” Ventura Monrreal, Co-founder of the Young County Greater Good Project, said. 

The group then called on the community to help put together a golf scramble and auction with all proceeds going to pay medical bills. 

“It just sort of seems like any time we do something like this, it’s sort of God’s plan and he just opens different avenues for better opportunities to help,” Monrreal said. “And as long as you keep on doing the right work, he’s going to help you out with it.”

“It’s amazing, like from a kid’s perspective to see how much the community loves each other and they just come together and help this little boy with leukemia,” said Monrreal’s son, Matthew. 

While Monrreal and his son feel like they’re the lucky ones, the Steege family said they feel every blessing being poured upon them.  

“Our faith and just our belief that things are going to end up the way they are supposed to be,” Victoria said. 

“We don’t feel alone having to struggle with this anymore,” Steege said. 

If you would like to help James in his journey, click here

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