Just weeks after residents in Graham dealt with dirty water in their homes, they now say their water bills are outrageous.

Graham resident Jonathan Gonzalez said when he opened his water bill this month, he was in shock.

“My initial reaction was this has to be a mistake,” said Gonzalez.

He said he opened a bill that was close to $800, quadruple what it has ever been.

“I don’t think I’ve ever paid half of that for an electricity bill, even when we’re in July and August given when it was 110 degrees in the past. I don’t think we’ve ever paid for any bill of that amount,” Gonzalez said.

According to city leaders, the new smart meters installed in every Graham home are supposed to more accurately read each meter, but Gonzalez said he doesn’t agree.

Gonzalez said when he went to the city they told him his $800 bill was accurate and that he should water his grass less.

And other residents like Michael Brown who’s bill has doubled say the city isn’t telling them much.

“Well they didn’t say much,” Brown said. “This is what your bill is and you have to pay it. That’s all I’ve got.”

Brown said he’s living off disability and doesn’t know how he’ll afford to pay his bill next month and he believes others are in the same shape.

“That’s twice the amount of their car payments,” said Gonzalez. “That’s more than their mortgage. That’s half what they make a month. That’s a pay check or two.”

We reached out to City Manager Brandon Anderson, we’re still waiting on a response. And Graham residents are still waiting for answers.

As far as the dirty water, Graham residents tell us their water has been clear for about a week.