A woman charged in a Clay County murder is now indicted in Wichita County on another charge after police say she and a man robbed two Wichita Falls businesses in December.

Darrell Franklin joins us and Darrell the robberies happened while she was out on bond from the murder charge? That’s right, Trinity Noland was out on bond after being charged with Henrietta’s first homicide in more than a decade.

And now the Wichita County grand jury has indicted Noland on two counts of aggravated robbery. Zachary Trumble is indicted as well on the same charges plus unlawful possession of a firearm

Noland was arrested after police say she went into the Dollar General on Seymour Highway and asked the clerk to call 9-1-1.

Authorities say Noland originally told officers she’d been kidnapped and held against her will. Police soon located 27-year-old Zachary Trumble in the parking lot and arrested him after finding a gun in his vehicle with the serial number scratched off.

When interviewed by police they say Trumble said he and Noland were involved in two robberies earlier that month, one at Fas Pac on Central Freeway and another at the Missile Club.

He said in both incidents they drove near the businesses and he went inside, pointed a gun at an employee’s head and demanded money.

Investigators say Trumble told them Noland waited in the getaway car until he came out of the store and then she drove off.

According to police he and Noland came up with a fake kidnapping story as a cover in case they needed it and Trumble said he was going to continue with that plan until Noland gave him up.

Police say Noland first denied any involvement with the robberies but after more questioning she admitted she was there and that the kidnapping story was made up.

It was back in September that Clay County authorities say Noland shot and killed a man she claimed was attacking two other people.

Sheriff Kenny Lemons says he does not believe the shooting was a case of self defense.