WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A grant could bring a bit of history in Wichita Falls back to a useful life again.

“There’s an opportunity here,” City of Wichita Falls Director of Transportation John Burrus said.

Wichita Falls City Councilors unanimously approved applying for the Reconnecting Communities and Neighborhoods Grant to help rehabilitate the Ohio Street Bridge and connect it with the Circle Trail.

The grant would provide up to $320,000 with a $80,000 match from the 4B Tax Board.

“We’re talking probably several miles of hike and bike trail as part of this project but what it does more importantly, if we successfully get this planning and preliminary engineering completed, then it puts us in a great position to apply for construction grants,” Burrus said.

The project would connect Missile Road, Sheppard Air Force Base and the Ben Donnell neighborhood directly to downtown.

It’s something local neighbor Becky Raeke said would have her feel connected to the area.

“It’s kind at the epicenter of a lot of biking,” Raeke said. “We can’t access the Circle Trail that most parts of town can so that’s just kind of one of those auxiliary, connecting the Circle Trail and really that part of our community.”

It could also create a safer path for cyclists.

“If there was any hesitation, we’re going to remove that issue for them so they would feel more comfortable walking or cycling,” Burrus said. “I think that if that infrastructure is there, people will use it a lot more from the base, but also there’s a whole community on that northside.”

If approved, the grant could help the city as it works to build more commerce downtown and develop more of the community.