YOUNG COUNTY (KFDX KJTL)— With many families struggling during these difficult times, Holiday Auto Group in Graham thought it would be a huge help to donate a vehicle to a very deserving family.

The dealership sought nominations from the public and chose the family they felt was most in need.

Like most people 2020 has been a difficult year, but for the Millers, they thought it was too good to be true when they were told that Holiday Auto Group was giving them a car.

“We thought it was a scam you don’t hear people giving away a free car very often, but we talked to Gary and he assured us it was not a scam, then the excitement took over then,” Kaleb Miller said.

This gift comes in a time of grief for the Millers, on August 29 of this year, their twin sons fell into their pool.

“We have twin boys a little over two, Konnor passed away on August 29, and then our pickup was stolen from our home,” Miller said.

This is all happening while their surviving son had to remain in the hospital for two weeks, then a call from Graham extending an olive branch to a family in need.

“I felt like there are some people who have even worse situations and they don’t get any attention cause everybody is going through something they were extremely surprised and grateful but they really are healing cause they have had quite a loss,” Holiday Auto owner Matt Johnson said.

“When you lose your child it’s just devastating so the support and prayers and love and encouragement it definitely helps fill the burden,” Brittany Miller said.

Now the Millers can continue healing with one less necessity to worry about.