The Texas 4000 for Cancer group is riding their bikes to Anchorage, Alaska, but took time out of their ride to make a pitstop in Wichita Falls for the evening for a meet and greet.
Fallstown Cycling and Bike Wichita Falls hosted the group at 9th street studios on Thursday, May 25.

The group began its 4,000-mile journey in Austin on Friday, May 19 to spearhead hope, knowledge, and charity in the fight against cancer.

Rider Cate Layne said she hopes their story and what they’re doing on this ride can help others.

“I think just the fact that there’s 46 college students willing to give such a massive part of their life to be part of this overall vision to end the fight against cancer is something that is so incredibly powerful and by pulling a massive stunt like biking from Austin to Alaska, I hope that we’re able to reach someone and inspire hope in their own individual fight,” said Layne.

More about this group’s journey can be found on their Facebook page by clicking here.