WICHITA FALLS (KFDX KJTL) — Local residents are stocking up on supplies so they don’t have to go in public for food and household products, as concern for the novel coronavirus continues, and it’s not just grocery stores seeing a rush. Other businesses are seeing an increase, too.

Gun sales and ammo are seeing a spike and running out of stock as well.

City Jewelry and Loan owner Bing Miller said gun and ammo sales started to spike as the world continues to build caution for the virus.

“It seems like they are coming out the woodwork on this since the middle of last week really they have been coming in, and we are constantly doing the paperwork,” Miller said.

Miller’s main customers that he has noticed are female.

“More women come in and want to buy a gun and have never bought a gun in their life,” Miller said. “They are just scared because when they go to stores, there is nothing in stores, and then where are they gonna go? They will just start breaking in houses.”

Cash n More Pawm owner Michael Morrison said he is experiencing the same as well. He also said he is running out of bullets, especially 9mm.

“I tried to order some handgun ammo of 9 mm I have three distributors there is no 9 mm ammo in their channel right now,” Morrison said. “A lot of the 9 mm pistols are sold out.”

With guns and ammo flying off the shelf, sellers trying to keep up with the customers due to the coronavirus scare.

Business owners said they are taking measures as well to keep a clean business by hand washing and sanitizing, and customers agree those are the right steps.

“For the most part, stay away from public places,” Miller said. “Wash your hands in and out when you get in your car wash your hands, clean your phone, make sure your kids are washing their hands, and if you hear someone coughing or hacking, try to avoid them.”