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Morning sickness is a very common condition for women who become pregnant. So if you have a little one on the way, here are some home-based ways you can ease morning sickness.

Before that little bundle of joy arrives, 50 percent of pregnant women will experience morning sickness in their first trimester. So what can be done? First …

“… Making sure to have enough fluids,” said Marlena Fejzo, PhD at University of California Los Angeles.

Being dehydrated can make you feel more nauseous. If you feel like your body will have a hard time holding down fluids, try eating salty snacks like saltine crackers or potato chips that can settle your stomach and make you thirsty.

Also, a study out of Italy found that 60 percent of pregnant women who apply pressure with either their fingers or a wristband to the acupressure point where the wrist pulse is able to reduce nausea and vomiting. Another tip: carry a bottle of lemon extract in your bag. A recent study out of Iran found that the scent of lemon can be effective in reducing nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. However, women should be wary if they are experiencing extreme morning sickness.

Fejzo told Ivanhoe, “If women have lost a lot of weight, are continuously vomiting, over five percent of their pregnancy weight, they need to go and get treatment.”

To make sure that mom and baby are doing just fine.

A recent study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that women who experienced morning sickness were 50 to 75 percent less likely to suffer a miscarriage.

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