A Henrietta man is jailed on half-a-million-dollar in bonds after deputies say he sexually assaulted a woman with a reciprocating saw.
59-year-old Joe Tombrell Huggins is charged with aggravated assault and aggravated sexual assault. Clay County deputies say on December 23rd a woman told them that she was assaulted by Huggins inside of his home on North Clay.
According to his arrest affidavit, the victim told investigators that she found meth in a bathroom inside of the home and when she confronted Huggins, the woman said he threw her on the bed and injected her with the drug.
After that, the victim told authorities that Huggins pulled out a large tool from under his bed with a sex toy mounted on the end and assaulted her with it. Deputies later identified it as a reciprocating saw.
The woman said after the assault  she threw Huggins belongings out of the house because she was upset and that’s when she said Huggins attacked her in his front yard, knocking her down and punching her in the head.
The victim told deputies that after the assault, she ran down the street, yelling for help. When deputies went to the home, Huggins denied that anything happened.
However, when deputies searched the house, they found the reciprocating saw under the bed.
Deputies say that when they asked Huggins if he owned a saw with a sexual device attached, he denied it. After further questioning, investigators say Huggins admitted to having one under his bed.