The pastor of a Henrietta church and a long time coach and teacher has been charged with the continuous sexual assault of a child and has bonded out of the Archer County Jail.
Archer County Sheriff Staci Beesinger said 50-year-old Robert Todd Davis turned himself in to her office early this morning. 
Davis was charged in  a Clay County warrant and his bond was set at $250,000.
According to District Attorney Paige Williams, the alleged assaults  occurred from May 2009 to May 2013 and were continuous — meaning 2 or more criminal acts in a period of more than 30 days. 
Williams said the specific offenses are sexual assault through penetration and indecency with a  child through contact.
A neighbor of Davis hadn’t heard of the allegations of sexual assault of a child and was surprised to learn of it.
“Oh gosh, I’m so surprised by that. I mean, that’s really surprising,” said Joe Johnson. “I don’t know, I would’ve never thought anything like that,” 
Davis is listed as the Pastor of Henrietta Church of Christ and was also listed on the Wichita Christian School website as a coach and bible teacher. 
But school Superintendent Thomas Snell wouldn’t confirm that and said they have no comment. 
Davis was also listed as a former Henrietta Junior High School science teacher and stated in his personal information section that he also taught and coached in Plains, Texas. We left a message for the Henrietta Superintendent but had not heard back this afternoon.
Johnson said he met Davis about a year and half ago, after he purchased a car from him.
“The few occurrences I had with him, like I bought a car from him,” said Johnson. “I got a good deal on the car. He’s asked me if I never needed any wood if I ever run short, just come over and pick it up. He told me he was a minister of some sorts, I don’t know what church or anything like that. But he seemed pleasant, a very pleasant guy.” 
Clay County Sheriff Kenny Lemons said the allegations were made in an indictment and the case has been turned over the District Attorney’s office. 
“Well the allegations were made about some sexual misconduct,” said Lemons. “Our office investigated the case. We interviewed all the witnesses with forensic interviews of the victim and everything that happened. We presented all of that to the district attorney’s office. We received the indictment I believe Monday or Tuesday.” 
Additional details such as where the alleged acts happened  have not been released.. other than basic information  in the indictment.
“I would like to see if the allegations are true and then I would think differently about him, but right now I think the same thing I thought about him when I was dealing with him,” said Johnson.