WICHITA FALLS TX. (KFDX/KJTL) — A homeless woman from Georgia is now jailed in Wichita Falls on $20,000 bond after police said she grabbed knives and chased a man who let her into his home.

Savannah “Hoots” King is charged with aggravated assault.

Savannah King Wichita Co. Jail

Police were called around 5:20 a.m. Tuesday to the 1600 block of Phoenix by the man.

He said he had seen King at the convenience store where he worked and she had been living on the streets the past two days.

The victim said he felt sorry for her and brought her home after work to let her take a shower, do laundry and sleep until she could get a bus back to Georgia.

He said they were sitting in the living room when she got up and left the room, then came back and was acting crazy.

He said she accused him of stealing her money, though he had not gotten up since she left.

Then he said she reached into her fanny pack and took out two folding knives, opened both of them and again accused him of taking her money.

The victim then got up to lock himself in his bedroom and said King ran after him with both knives in her hands, chasing him down the hallway.

He said he was able to get in his bedroom and lock the door, and King began banging on the door with the knives and cursing at him.

He then grabbed his handgun and jumped out of a window and called police.

When police went inside, they said King was standing in the living room and had a broken glass pipe in her hand.

They said she appeared under the influence of a narcotic, was talking continuously, and admitted she had gone after the victim with knives but that it wasn’t aggravated assault.