Hope for domestic abuse survivors sparks at 16th annual First Step candlelight vigil

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The 16th annual First Step candlelight vigil Thursday night in Wichita Falls helped light up the night with hope for victims and survivors of domestic violence.

Candles flickered at the Wellington Banquet and Conference Center to recognize those killed and those who survived domestic violence.

This annual candlelight vigil was hosted by First Step and organizers admit the recent “MeToo” movement has helped their cause.

“One of the things about the #metoo movement that’s important to us is that more survivors both of domestic violence and sexual assault are feeling that they can come forward to get support and begin to heal so it’s been very helpful to us,” executive director Debra A. Dyason said.

Events like this and organizations that focus on supporting and uplifting victims and survivors are important to assure those still affected by domestic violence retired community volunteer Teresea Caves said.

“It validates survivors, and I like to say “victim, survivor, thriver” because after you’ve been through what a lot of these individuals have been through, they’re thrivers not just survivors,” Caves said.

First Step provides free crisis intervention services for individuals who have recently experienced domestic and sexual violence, leading to emotional, mental, behavioral and physical problems.

If you or someone you know is in need of help or wants more information, please click here or call 1-800-658-2683.

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