GRAHAM (KFDX/KJTL) — The city of Graham could be seeing a new and unique hotel in its downtown area next year.

A Graham resident has proposed the idea of a hotel made out of shipping containers that would be built within its downtown square.

This hotel is something Graham has never seen and once it’s built, the city may not be able to contain the crowd it draws in.

Picture this, traveling to a hotel made out of a container that has traveled cross country itself.

Graham may see this idea come to reality within the next year if all goes according to plan for creator Matt Hughes.

“This just kind of hit me one day, there’s a container company here in Graham and so working with them and it was a project they were kind of excited about and so we kind of put pencil to paper, and it kind of penciled out well,” Hughes said.

Hughes says city officials support the concept which he has been mentally constructing for quite some time.

“This empty lot will house 16 hotel rooms and it will also have a pool and a food beverage aspect to it so the front courtyard will be open to the public and they can come and enjoy food, beverage, watch football games. Just kind of an open community space,” Hughes said.

Hughes plans to incorporate many artistic elements into the interior and exterior design of the buildings in order to give artists an opportunity to show their work.

Residents like Rachel May are excited about the idea and say this hotel is just what Graham needs.

“I’ve seen people do the tiny houses too out of them. They look phenomenal. I think it’s actually very kind of chic and modern style that is very contemporary. I think that will be a nice little facelift,” May said.

Enhancing the historic aspects with innovative constructs and bringing the two together to gain attention for this small town.

“I think this will enhance the businesses we have on the square but I also think that it will create new interest and opportunities for people to capitalize on and take part in,” Hughes said.

An opportunity that won’t be contained for much longer.

Hughes says he still has a few hoops to jump through before breaking ground on the project, but once all his ducks are in a row he hopes to have it completed by the end of 2022.

We will be keeping you updated on the project as it progresses in the next few months so you’ll have the opportunity to see it all come to fruition.

The following images are drafts and final renderings are still being developed by Hughes: