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So far, the registration numbers this time around are up. However, organizers are unsure if the increase in sign-ups will continue up until the ride. The Hotter ‘N Hell Hundred registration numbers are up about 30 percent when compared to past years at this distance from the ride. Almost 3,700 people have registered already but organizers aren’t sure sign ups will continue at that pace. 

 “I think what it was is we spent quite a bit of time on social media reminding people that the early registration discounts ended June first. We registered about 1,300 people in 30 hours, 36 hours,” said Chip Filer, executive director for Hotter ‘N Hell.

There are some advantages for cyclists who get their gears in motion early in addition to a registration discount.

 “You get people committed early and then they can train for the hotter n hell and they are in better shape when it comes up,” Filer said. “People at the last minute decide they are going to ride just really aren’t ready for the heat.”

With more riders comes the need for more host homes.

 “It is real important to get them in early, so we can start matching the riders with the host,” said Mark Beauchamp, the Wichita County Liaison. “It’s good for the riders to know they have a place to lay their head down when they get into town. Having that peace of mind early on is a good thing.”

And for some riders last year that Texoma hospitality stretched into the days following the ride thanks to Hurricane Harvey.

 “We had a lot of displaced riders that were up here from the Houston, Galveston area that stayed with their hosts until the storm had passed,” Beauchamp said. “Stayed on for a week, so it ended up being a much bigger deal and made lifelong friend because of it.”

With the increase in early signups, organizers hope they stay on track for a record pack of cyclists that will take to the start line in downtown for the largest single day 100-mile bike ride in the nation.

Online registration for this year’s ride will continue until august 19th. If you are interested in becoming a host home or want more information, click here.

For those who need help training The Bike Shop on Southwest Parkway can help.

The shop hosts weekly group rides to get riders ready for the 25 mile, 50 mile, 100 kilometer or 100 mile routes.

They ride every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 5:30 p.m.

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