WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — The crowded field of five was narrowed down to two Saturday.

Jacksboro lawyer David Spiller and Nocona businessman Craig Carter, the two with the most votes in a special election to fill the vacant Texas House District 68 seat.

“Work kind of started after church on Sunday and so we kind of kicked off again and we’re trying to plan ahead and see what we need to do,” Spiller said.

Spiller finished with 43.8% of the vote, while Carter edged out John Berry for second by less than 60 votes, with 18%.

So now, it’s back to the campaign trail for about another month, as the exact date is yet to be announced by Governor Greg Abbott.

“The good news is, like I say, is I get to visit with more people and have people get to know me more and know they can trust me and know that I’m going to fight for them and those conservative principles and values throughout this district,” Spiller said.

For the Nocona Boot Factory owner Craig Carter, he said a runoff is exactly what they wanted.

“We’re very confident, you know, Spiller kind of got a head start and that’s who we want to be in a runoff with,” Carter said. “And I’m a different guy than Spiller.”

Carter added given his business resume, aiding improvements to the internet in Nocona and the Hope 29:11 food ministry, he can be a different voice that district 68 needs.

“The reality is I’m really an efficiency expert, I just wanted to get into a runoff and it was a crowded field race with five people in it, and spiller spent three times what we spent,” Carter said.

So Carter’s throwing the numbers out the window, ready for a brand new ball game in the runoff.

“We are going to win this race, so I’m excited about seeing people pulling together and saying we don’t want another lawyer, another politician in Austin,” Carter said. “We want a businessman to go down there, stand against corruption and find solutions.”

While Spiller thanks the over 4,000 people who voted for him already and hopes to build off it, entering the final race.

“People have voter fatigue, we’ve got election fatigue, you know, we’re tired of elections and tired of going to vote, and we said we had one more vote, well now we really and truly have one more, this will be the last of it if everyone can turn out and do it again.”

Again, because this was a special election, and now a runoff, Gov. Abbott will have to set another date for this election, we’ll keep you updated as updates are available.