House Ordering A Study Before The Use Of Poison To Control Feral Hog Population

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The Texas House is ordering a study before the use of poison on feral hogs can be implemented.

Yesterday, House lawmakers voted 127-12  in favor of bipartisan House Bill 3451, that would require a State Agency or University research before the use of the warfarin-based poison.

The Texas A&M AgriLife extension service estimates there are now over 2 million feral hogs in Texas, that cause an estimated $52 million in damage to Texas agricultural enterprises each year.
Hogs have also been known to knock down fences, damage farm equipment, and game feeders.
Still, the leaders of Texas hog hunters association say more research needs to be done on the poison.

“If you’re hunting and the blue dye has not taken place, you can end up eating a tainted hog with this warfarin product out there.”
“It’s really a common-sense law. It’s that before we use any poison, let’s go ahead and test this stuff thoroughly to make sure there’s no long-term effects from it” Eydin Hansen VP, Texas Hog Hunters Association

In late February, texas agriculture commissioner, Sid Miller, announced a rule change in the Texas administrative code, that classifies a warfarin- based hog lure, that was approved by the EPA,  as a state- limited- use pesticide.,

The bill will have to be voted on by the senate agriculture committee before it can go to the senate floor for a final vote.

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