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Many Houston residents are thankful for safe and dry places to stay in Texoma since they cannot return to their homes.
One woman from South Texas says it is a little surreal, as she looks through pictures from her home town. She said she’s holding on to the good news that all her friends and loved ones are accounted for.
Houston resident, Krystal Sexton said, “It’s hard to imagine it honestly, I mean it seems a little bit like a dream or a nightmare.” 
Krystal Sexton described the emotions she’s going through knowing that the place she has called home for the last 16-years is under water.
Sexton continued by saying, “We’re not accustomed to this. I mean, to see this footage on TV and everything’s under water, the things I recognize, my bike path I ride all the time, you know completely inundated with water, yeah it’s scary, it’s very scary.” 
Sexton and her friends came to Wichita Falls for the Hotter’N Hell Hundred.
“We left Houston Friday morning, earlier than anticipated because we were going to try to evade the evacuation route and we got to Wichita Falls Friday, we did the ride on Saturday, and Saturday night we drove to Fort Worth,” Sexton added.
Then, in very little time, their plans changed.
“When we woke up yesterday, the forecast had completely changed and it was many many many inches of rain overnight and we weren’t able to get back,” Sexton told us. 
Hotter’N Hell Hundred host family, Debbie & Dorman Yancey said, “We feel helpless being this far away from Houston and we knew that our riders had a need and I talked to Dorman and I said, “you think we should invite them back” and he was like “absolutely”.” 
Debbie and Dorman Yancey opened their home to Sexton and her friends over the weekend,  and are now continuing to provide them a place to stay.
They added, “You know, it wasn’t that long ago that this part of Texoma was a victim of natural disasters, so we know what that’s like to be displaced and to be in need and a lot of people outside our community came to our rescue so that’s something that we should all do, is to return the favor.” 
And the Yancey’s plan to continue doing just that, just as so many Texomans did when Katrina hit New Orleans.
“It’s terrifying to see that it seems hauntingly similar,” Sexton added. “I mean I was crying seeing the footage. I mean it hits home and those footage. I mean it hits home when those things are your streets, your neighbors, your friends, your family and it’s not just another part of the country, where there’s some devastation, it’s my neighborhood and my city.” 
Sexton hoped to be able to drive back on Friday at the earliest. 

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