WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) – Unlike last year around this time, we are expecting a freeze in the few days. As the temperature drops over the course of this week; it’s important to know how to stay safe and warm this season.

With the weather changing unpredictably, one day in the 60s, the next day in the teens or lower;
it can be tricky on how to prepare yourself for a possible pipe outburst.

Frozen pipes bursting and house flooding are more than common during this time of year.

“If you wake up in the morning and you have no water in a certain part of your house, chances are the pipe is frozen and that’s why you have no water. During the cold spill we get, you should leave some faucets dripping, anything on the outside wall, and leave your outside doors open, if you have pipes in the attic, leave every bit of your faucet dripping a little bit to keep it from…as long as the water is moving through those faucets, it;’s not going to freeze,” President of Brian’s Plumbing, Brian Walser said.

It’s simple, keeping your water running will prevent your pipes from freezing, but when is it time to know when to shut the water off?

“The way to shut the water off is the most important part of it, so if you have a situation where you have no water in the house – it’s probably frozen. and so, don’t go to work without turning
that water off, because you may come home that afternoon, and it thawed out and flooded your house. be prepared, be prepared to turn your water off, be prepared to call your plumber,
and do all precautions outside to keep your pipes from freezing,” Walser said.

On the flip side, fires don’t stop when the temperature drops outside; that’s right, fire marshal Cody Melton, said that fires can still occur, and now is the time for people to make sure everything is working as it should be.

“Now’s a good time for people to check their smoke detectors, and their carbon monoxide detectors, and make sure that they are working properly because if you’re burning the fireplace
or you do lose power and your generator kicks on, gas appliances, carbon monoxide is a huge danger, so I would say, if you don’t have one, go get one, and if you do have one, change the batteries in both, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors,”

Melton also advises you to follow your ONCOR, ERCOT, and or energy provider’s suggestions.

“Keep electricity low, usage low, don’t do your laundry right now, especially during these couple days, keep your thermostat set at 65 or below, and you know, it’s that’s hard for a lot of people
even when it’s set that low and our temperatures are as low as they are outside, it runs quite a bit, so I just say, follow what ONCOR, ERCOT, whoever your company energy is and some of
their guidelines to keep energy usage down, so we don’t have kinda the same thing that happened as we did a couple of years ago. if you lose power, we ask that you have a plan, have some blankets, maybe have a relative or a friend that you can call, if you lose power.”

Making sure we remain safe and warm in our own homes this winter season.

If you do experience any frozen or bursting pipes or are in a position where you lose power, even on days like Christmas and New Years, don’t hesitate to call the plumber of your choice and the Wichita Falls Fire Department.