WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — We have now made it to 2022 with high hopes that this year will be a little less stressful than the last, and to make it less stressful on your life maybe you set some goals to live a healthier lifestyle?

According to a study done by “GoSkills“, the top two new years resolutions are to exercise more and to lose weight.

You may be catching yourself claiming this year is going to be different, better, even healthier, but you can’t really live a positive and healthy life without a positive and healthy lifestyle, whether you’re a goal-setter or not.

“It is a great time, whether you are a new years resolution person or not it’s a great time to come back in and just have a fresh start and a clean slate and go for it again,” Crush NTX Fitness manager Tara Poche said.

And for all those like myself, who’ve said for years we’re going to hit the gym and finally fulfill our resolution, Poche said not to worry.

“That’s really what we love to do is take people that have never really worked out before or maybe they’re just really deconditioned and haven’t been in the gym in years or maybe they’re coming back from an injury or having a baby or something like that and they just really need a lot of guidance, we love that because those are the people that it really makes a big difference with,” Poche said.

Crush offers a wide array of workout equipment from free weights, to several workout machines along with a variety of different classes. Poche said for those having trouble sticking to their resolution to get fit, take it one step at a time.

“Don’t just wipe the slate and say okay now I’m doing this entirely new meal plan and food plan and exercise plan, start small and make little obtainable smart goals,” Poche said.

And while the staff and trainers have your back helping you reach your goals, the IVP has your back when it comes to protecting you from illnesses.

“Our inter-viral protection units that are constantly cleaning the air and scrubbing the air of Flu, COVID, or any airborne viruses,” Poche said.

So here’s to 2022, a year we all hope will see resolutions met, and health threats and worries on the decline.

If you want more information on how you can get a membership with Crush NTX Fitness, click here.