WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) – If you’re an animal lover and looking to do something this spring break, you could help out the Humane Society.

When it comes to volunteers, the humane society said they are grateful for any help. It’s been almost a year since moving into their brand-new building.

“We had to slow down a little bit back in our other building because the building was smaller and we didn’t have enough space for volunteers, but since we’ve moved into this larger building, obviously we can take a lot more volunteers and we enjoy having people,” Vet and Office Tech Elizabeth Heineken, said.

The humane society needs your help, to ensure the best care for the facility, which also serves as a temporary home for these animals.

“By not having volunteers here, they can actually begin to develop some behavioral issues because if they are constantly seeing just the same people over and over, a day in and day out, it’s kind of isolating for them and it can result in them becoming somewhat possessive of both the staff and the area that they’re in,” Elizabeth Heineken said.

“They can help us walk dogs, answer phones, do laundry, pick up yards, right now we have an Eagle scout project going on, like where they are building us more kennels, dog runs in the back so dogs can have yard time. So there’s always something to do here,” Executive Director of Humane Society Cheryl Heineken said.

However, volunteers aren’t the only thing society is in need of. Cheryl Heineken said the humane society will also be taking first responders to model for a calendar to help raise funds and find their animals’ new homes faster.

“I think they serve a great purpose in our community, and they are much needed, I know we’ve had to have the police out here a few times, we have service women and men come out and we appreciate them, so we just think it’ll be a fun way to showcase them and showcase our animals,” Heineken said.

Heineken said from the first day the animals arrive, they hope the animals are adopted within a month. She added by having volunteers come and help with chores or participate in the calendar, that will help them take better care of the animals while at the shelter.

“It’s our goal to keep them as happy as possible in a temporary situation because we don’t want any dogs staying here for very long,” Heineken said.

Anything to help these neglected and or abused faces, find a new home.

For more ways to volunteer or if you are a first responder and are interested in modeling with the animals, click here.