WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Whether walking for a cure or because they know someone affected, hundreds showed up in support for the annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

“This event today means hope. One day we will have that white flower and it is hope to me,” Walk to End Alzheimer’s volunteer Donna Sykes said.

Sykes lost both her mother to the disease in 2016 and her mother-in-law. As a volunteer, she wants to help raise awareness and remember her two loved ones.

“I hate Alzheimer’s. And so, I wanted to eradicate it. I don’t want it to be here anymore. So, if I can do my part, and if everybody does their part, we will have that day,” Sykes said.

Local Alzheimer’s Association Director Patty Taylor says seeing people walk brings hope to those affected and the association has made strides toward researching for a cure.

“Giving them an opportunity to come out to this event to have a sense of hope and a purpose you know like making a difference. I’ve been with the association for 15 years now, and we’ve made some big strides in research and in advocacy efforts and it’s been because of our grassroots family efforts,” Taylor said.

Grassroots families like the Jones Family, who has been walking for nine years now. They lost their Nanna two years ago to this disease. Steps for Nanna was started and the Joneses want people to spread kindness and love.

“We found these notes, and one of the things she kept writing over and over, and we found over and over was, ‘if you want to remember me, do it by kind act or words to someone that needs it.’ And so, just kindness and providing love,” the Joneses said.

Providing love for the millions living with this disease.

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