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WICHITA FALLS, TX– Not all shoes were made for walking. In fac, a survey by the American Podiatric Medical Association found 8 out of 10 Americans experience foot pain, and wearing shoes that don’t fit like a glass slipper are mostly to blame for foot problems, especially among women. 

At United Regional’s Orthopedic Sports Medicine Clinic…Doctor Steven Klumb sees woes with wobbly toes everyday, and says there are many things about the foot that people don’t know. 

“There’s 3 different types of foot types,” says Dr. Klumb, “…the first type is called rectus which is kind of a normal arch foot, second types would be a flat foot and third type would be a cavus or high arch foot.”

There are also 26 bones in each foot, which makes up a quarter of all the bones in our body! And wearing the wrong shoes for a flat, high or low arched foot can lead to a not so pleasant predicament. 

“Plantar fasciitis is also known as heel spur syndrome, and basically that’s when the calf muscle is too tight in the leg and it causes the bottom of the foot to kind of pull off the bone and cause pain,” says Dr. Klumb. 

According Dr. Klumb, sandals are a main cause for plantar fasciitis along with a common, female accessory: high heels. While Carrie Bradshaw can seemingly run around New York City in these 24/7, there’s a reason why walking in heel for a long time is not so fashionable. According to Dr. Klumb, heels put a lot of pressure on your toes, so many females will develop bunions or they’ll develop plantar fasciitis. 

The best ways to prevent or treat plantar fasciitis are; to stretch your foot out everyday through various methods of yoga or resistance bands, get a corticosteroid injection through you local physician, and look for shoes that actually fit correctly. 

Endurance House is one place in town that performs a gate analysis test for its customers, to properly fit them in the right shoe for the best performance. 

Store manager and physical therapist, Darien Roach says, “We look for overpronation, oversupination, also if you have a high arch or low arch or no arch at all. We have you walk on a treadmill, go through the gate analysis, which slows down your walk, shows your ankle bowing inward or outward depending on what we see on the program that we use, and then that kind of points us in the right direction as to which category you should be in whether it be stability or neutral.” 

Darien says this can also solve a variety of problems within your body like knee and lower back pain, other than your fatigued footies. 

“Being in the right pair of shoes definitely does make a big difference.”

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