WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Alleged sexual assault victims of the former City View boys basketball coach who took his own life on Monday expressed their disappointment in the administration at the district’s school board meeting Thursday night.

Besides the public comment portion of the meeting, there was no mention of the accusations or death of Morris during Thursday’s June 30 school board meeting.

One by one, the alleged victims of former coach Bobby Morris and advocates looked the school board and Superintendent Tony Bushong in the face, criticizing their handling of the allegations.

“I personally did go to the school, I told them about what happened, when it happened, and I was told that if they heard anything else about the situation that I was going to get expelled,” former City View student Makayla Martin said. “I sadly made the mistake of trusting my school.”

“They told me not to speak about the incident and that they would get it taken care of, and there have been so many more victims since me, and I want it to stop now,” former City View student Samantha Brothers said.

“You sat in on that meeting, you said that it had never been brought to your attention, but it was,” former City View student Angel Rodriguez said. “I told you everything I knew.”

One employee of the district said she believes the victims and supports them, but she believes they’re pointing the blame at the wrong person.

“I am not going to question what happened to these young ladies, I 100% believe them, but I am here to question the victims reporting to the current superintendent,” longtime City View employee Lana Wampler said. “I’ve worked beside the current superintendent for several years now and seen him fire more than one individual for lesser allegations.”

An investigation involving multiple agencies, including the City View ISD police chief, the WFPD, Texas Rangers and District Attorney John Gillespie is underway.

It will seek to find out if City View administration did, in fact, fail to report abuse or neglect.

“It is a misdemeanor arrest, and it could also be a felony arrest if it’s proven that they intentionally withheld information and the offense could’ve led to serious bodily injury or death,” Wichita Falls Police Sgt. Charlie Eipper said.

Local attorney Kathleen Brown is the attorney for two of the girls who’ve come forward.

“I do know that there are some high caliber police officers, investigators involved that are going to make sure we get down to the facts and that they are exposed,” Brown said.

As the investigation continues, Bushong and the school board president are declining to comment.

Sgt. Eipper said educators, counselors and doctors are considered professional reporters and are required by law to report allegations of sexual assault of minors.

Watch the full statements many members of the public made below: