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Indictments & No Bills In Wichita County

A 25-year-old Wichita Falls man is now indicted in connection with severe injuries suffered by a one-year-old baby.

David Lamar Skinner is indicted for injury to a child with serious bodily injury. Police say Skinner brought the baby to the emergency room on August 19th and said he found him unresponsive on a bedroom floor. Skinner said he was the boyfriend of the boy's mother and was caring for the baby while she was at work.

Hospital staff found a skull fracture and bruises on both cheeks and under the baby's chin and said Skinner told them the baby had also been vomiting. A specialist at Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas said x-rays showed injuries consistent with blunt force trauma and abuse.

Also indicted by the grand jury was Deron Edward Royster for child abandonment or endangerment. He's charged in connection with a September crash that ejected his two-year-old son. Police say Royster was driving a Ford Explorer when he ran the red light before t-boning another vehicle at Kell and McNiel.

They say the boy was not buckled in. Witnesses at the scene said when they talked to Royster right after the accident he never asked about his son. Police also had a witness statement on file from a person reporting two unrestrained children riding in Royster's vehicle two days earlier.

The Following have been no billed:  

Grand jurors also returned no bills on charges for several other suspects. A charge of intoxicated assault was rejected for 21-year-old Lionel Serna in connection with an accident in January 2016 where two unrestrained children were injured.


Police responded to a single car crash on Lloyd Ruby Overpass and say when they arrived they found Serna in the driver's seat of the car, a woman in the passenger seat, and two children unrestrained in the back seat. All four were taken to the hospital and one of the children was later transferred to Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth.


Police say Serna tested positive at the hospital for multiple drugs including marijuana.

And, a woman with an extensive record of theft by check and forgeries who was sentenced last March also had two other charges tossed out by no bills. Rebeckia Cardenas's charges include forgery of information of elderly and even deceased people.

She was sentenced as a habitual offender by Judge Bob Brotherton to 25 years in prison for fraudulent use of 10-to 50-pieces of other person's information, 25-years for possession of a controlled substance and  2 years in state jail for  10 counts of fraudulent use of under 5 items of information.

Those terms will all be served concurrently. But, grand jurors returned no bills on one theft of property and one forgery charge. Affidavits on numerous investigations show thousands of dollars in forged and stolen checks. Some belonging to a 71-year-old Iowa woman others forged on a bank account of a dead man.





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