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Wichita Falls resident, Dillon Crumpler told us, “We woke up in the middle of the night and heard lots of wind and stuff.”

Just like many around town, Crumpler did not anticipate a storm like the one that came through last night. 

He continued to tell us, “We’re familiar with and pretty comfortable with high winds around here. I knew it was blowing but I never thought it would damage everything.” 

Crumpler said when he walked out to his barn to assess the damage, the roof had been torn off.

Although insurance coverage differs when it comes to structures and personal belongings, State Farm Insurance Agent, Mike Morris said it’s important to know all the details of your plan.

“And the time to go over the coverages is when you write the policy and then every year at renewal,” Morris continued to say. “Go in and have someone take a look at that policy and it’s still covering the stuff that you want to make sure it covers because one thing we know is things change.” 

Just as the weather can, and quickly. Morris said it’s also important you have a safety plan in place for your family and your pets.

He suggested a few things to do once the damage has been done. “First thing you do is survey your damage, take pictures of the damage that’s out there, also go ahead and call someone out or yourself and start putting protection in place.” 

Because your personal safety should be the top priority.

Crumpler finished by saying he’s thankful no one was hurt during the storm, now he’s just left having to put the pieces of his barn back together.

Morris added that the time to get an insurance policy is not after the fact, it’s important to make sure you are always covered, home, barn, even your car because we never know what kind of punch the next storm will pack.

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