WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Officials with the Iowa Park Police Department said a pregnant woman was assaulted and kneed in the stomach by a man who told her he hoped she aborted their unborn child.

Simon Wayne Streeter of Iowa Park is charged with assault of a pregnant person and is jailed on a $10,000 bond with a mandatory 48-hour hold because it is his second arrest for family violence in a little more than a year.

According to the affidavit, police were dispatched to a house in the 800 Block of South Yosemite on Sunday afternoon, May 28, 2023. They said when they arrived at the residence, Streeter was standing outside with the victim.

Officers said the woman was bleeding from her nose and had a swollen lip, scratch marks on her face, and a red mark on her neck. She told police that she and Streeter had been arguing and he had threatened to prevent her from seeing her children.

The victim then told police when she argued with him about that, he punched her in the face and began to choke her. She said he also put a knee in her stomach and applied pressure and hoped it would cause her to abort their baby.

According to the affidavit, the victim told police she was 27 weeks pregnant.

The affidavit said the victim complained of back pain and said she had not felt the baby move since the assault. The woman was taken to the hospital for treatment and examination.

A records check of Streeter revealed he has a family violence assault charge pending from March 2023 in which police said Streeter’s brother told them Streeter was trying to shoot himself and the brother tried to stop him from putting a gun in his mouth.

According to that arrest affidavit, the brother told police he tackled him to the ground, and Streeter began fighting and punched him.

Police said Streeter then barricaded himself in a trailer in the backyard. They said Streeter’s mother could talk him into coming out and he was placed in custody.