Iowa Park CISD increasing security presence at all campuses

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The Iowa Park Consolidated School District plans on stepping up security at all of its schools.

“We are going to have armed law enforcement at every campus from here until the end of the school year,” explained Superintendent Steve Moody.

He said it’s a decision that was made following  the recent shootings in Parkland, Florida.
Until now, they have had one officer patrolling their four school buildings.

“We’re getting help from the local police department, as well as the [ Wichita County] Sheriff’s Department. What we’re looking at is off duty police officers and hiring them to come in and work with us at our different campuses,” Moody stated.

The Iowa Park CISD’s police chief, Ray Schultz, said some days on patrol were more trying; but despite being by himself, he did have some help, when situations would arise.

“The Department of Public Safety, their investigators, they help me out on stuff.  The local police department, Chief [Robert] Johnson, he helps me out on a lot of stuff,” said Schultz.
“I have a lot of contacts at the county working there for 20 years.
With money from the bond that passed in 2012, the district has improved security, by way of new bullet proof glass on exterior doors, doors that lock on the inside and outside, as well as radios for each teacher, just to name a few improvements. Moody also said spending money from the budget on additional security through the end of this year will be money well spent. 

“How you ever put an amount on the safety of kids and securing the campuses, it’s hard for anybody to say: ‘We’re going to set this amount.'” “We’re going to do everything in our power and in our budget means to provide for the safety and security of our kids.”

“We are taking this stuff serious,” Schultz explained. “We’re going to do the best that we can to make sure they stay safe.”

Moody said they expect the extra security this school year will cost around $20,000.
That money is  already in the budget, which he said can be moved around to cover security costs.
They will be looking at what to do for the 2018-19 school year in the coming months.

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