WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A man is charged with cruelty to animals after police said he caused fatal injuries by kicking or hitting a miniature Australian Shepherd that reportedly bit him.

Matthew Miser, 23, turned himself in on a warrant Monday, June 22, 2020, and his bond has been set at $25,000. Iowa Park police and animal control officers said they were called out to East Washington Ave. on June 5 about a dog bite and spoke with the owner and her father. Police said Miser showed them two small puncture wounds on his right hand, the dog’s owner said she had left the home to run an errand and left the dog with her boyfriend, Matthew Miser.

The owner said while gone Miser called her and told her he was about to “Beat the (expletive) out of the dog” and that he had “just kicked the (expletive) out of the dog”.

“Gracie” Full blooded Miniature Australian shepherd

When officers and the Iowa Park Police Chief arrived they said the dog, named “Gracie” was inactive and her eyes were bloody and puffy. They said Miser told them he had been playing with another dog in the yard when Gracie ran up and bit him.

The veterinarian who attempted to save the dog said she was comatose on arrival and had severe bruising in five locations and a swollen abdomen. He said there was internal bleeding and injuries to the spleen, intestines and liver. The cause of death was determined as extensive internal bleeding of the liver. Matthew Miser posted bond on Tuesday.

Below is the report the vet made to the owner on his examination of the dog:

“I examined Gracie. A 2-year-old toy Australian Sheppard, on June 5th, 2020 for lethargy. On presentation, Gracie was lateral and comatose. She had tachycardia, pale mucus membranes, and a swollen abdomen. An abdominal ultrasound was performed to find free fluid in her abdomen that was determined to be blood upon aspiration. We suspected that Gracie was bleeding internally and with the consent of Mr. Smith exploratory surgery was elected to be performed. Upon preparing Gracie for surgery. Her hair was shaved on her abdomen which revealed severe bruising to her abdomen in five locations that were consistent with trauma from being kicked. Once in surgery, approximately 1/2 liter of blood was in her abdominal cavity. Her left lateral liver lobe had a large hematoma and a laceration on it. The spleen and intestines appeared inflamed but not actively bleeding. The internal bleed was controlled and Gracie was sutured up. Gracie passes away from extensive internal bleeding of the liver. Gracies’ injuries and cause of death are consistent with blunt force trauma and/or abuse.”

Miser’s 14 previous arrests include aggravated assault, three counts of burglary, three counts of drug possession, three counts of theft, and three counts of unlawful possession of a firearm.