IOWA PARK (KFDX/KJTL) — When it comes to all things Iowa Park, Vicki Mitchell knows just about all there is to know when it comes to the history of the small town.

“I never thought that, you know I’ve been a widow for nine years and I didn’t know what I was going to do with myself. I’m one of these I gotta stay busy and this has helped me curve that,” Mitchell said.

What started as just a small collection of memorabilia has now blossomed into an entire building full of Iowa Park history.

“This is somebody’s memories, when they walk in the door I had a little lady, oh my God I didn’t even think about it. She came in and she saw that wall and she was in tears because that’s what she remembers of Iowa Park because that’s the old Iowa Park,” Mitchell said.

One of Mitchell’s newest additions? An old buggy restored by the late Jack Stevens.

“He would go and pick up his grandkids up at Bradford Elementary when they’d get out of school, he’d hook his mules up and go pick the kids up from school,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell has acquired several items like guns, belt buckles, paintings, and several other items owned and used by Jack Stevens. Mitchell said none of this would be possible without the community support.

“They are donating their precious memory to me to display and I’m trying to display them the best that I can,” Mitchell said.

After all of her hard work getting the museum up and running, Mitchell is holding a grand opening for the public to come check out all things Iowa Park.

“If they really value their history of Iowa Park, this is where they need to come. If you’re interested in this kind of stuff then come,” Mitchell said.

Recently, Mitchell had a group of students visit the museum, she said what happened with one student afterward showed her that she’s doing something right.

“He came home and was talking about Jack Stevens, the education room that he saw his papa back there on the board you know so that’s what makes you want to do something,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said she hopes this museum will be here long after she’s gone, leaving a legacy behind for generations to come.