Iowa Park officials look into new facilities for PD, FD

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The Iowa Park Police and Fire Departments could have new facilities before long.

The building the fire and police departments are in was built in 1975 and they added onto the building in the 1980s. While they are plenty of issues with the building, the main problem both departments have with it is space.

While the size of the building may be the main issue, it is certainly not the only one.

“We’ve been maintaining this building and we have had some drainage issues and some water issues and constant maintenance issues, but right now our issues are more overcrowding than anything else and that is why we are starting to look at our facilities,” City Manager Jerry Flemming said.

The fire trucks barely fit into the current fire station.

“In order to get the apparatuses in or out, we have to work around them. Training and proper storage,” Assistant Fire Chief Patrick Moulton said. “If we want to work on something we have to move stuff outside so we can work on it. If it’s raining or in the winter if we want to do some training that we need to do outside we have to come inside and put our trucks outside in the weather.”

The police department has had to find new places for storage.

“Behind you is actually a third jail cell. We ran out of room in our file room, so we now store all the arrest jackets and files and case files in that area,” Police Chief Steve Davis said. “Some of our offices are very, very cramped, which makes for kind of poor working conditions. Our administrative assistant, as you can see, her office is part storage facility.”

Officials are still very early in the process of deciding how to fix this issue.

“At this point, we need to invest some money into really doing an assessment of the space and getting some cost assessments on it,” Flemming said. “This very well could lead to a bond, but you can’t vote on something if you don’t know what you are voting for. And we don’t know how much.”

City officials hope to fix the issues the departments are currently facing and put a building in a place that will house them comfortably for another 30 years.

The new facilities for these two departments will be discussed at the next Iowa Park City Council meeting, Monday at 7 p.m.

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