IOWA PARK (KFDX/KJTL) — Every town has a story, but it’s getting that story told that can be difficult. Which is why one Iowa Park woman is hoping the community will step up and help her tell the story of Iowa Park through items and documents donated to the new Iowa Park Museum.

“If it’s something important to them it’s important to me,” Museum Acquisitioner Vicki Mitchell said.

Mitchell has a passion, and that passion is sharing the rich history of Iowa Park to residents who visit her newly opened museum right in the middle of the small town, a small town that she says has a big history.

“This town has beaucoups of history and a lot of the kids, a lot of the new people do not know all of it, like half of them don’t even know that we used to have a Miss Iowa Park contest,” Mitchell said.

And as the acquisitioner of the museum, Mitchell has been hard at work collecting pieces of history throughout the town. From old typewriters, school memorabilia, pictures that are nearly a century old and so much more.

“This is from begging, pleading, asking and going to people saying will you please donate and they keep saying you want money, and I said no I want that letterman jacket, I want that jersey, I want that class ring,” Mitchell said.

For Mitchell some of these items serve a bigger purpose than being educational, she has a wall dedicated to her father Wiley McDaniel who graduated from Iowa Park back in 1942.

“It makes me feel closer to him because I know his stories from Iowa Park and he really loved Iowa Park,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell is hoping her newest addition coming to the museum will bring in more visitors, an exhibit honoring the late sculptor Jack Stevens.

“I’m fixing to get a buggy, his buggy, that’s why it’s so empty over there is because we’re having to make room for this buggy that’s going to be put in Wednesday night and I am so excited about that,” Mitchell said.

She said when it comes to folks donating or loaning out items, she wants it all.

“I want everything, I don’t care how big or how small, I need it to bring us back to our history, we’ve got to do this,” Mitchell said.

History that Mitchell will continue to preserve for future generations who are adding to that history each and every day.

Mitchell is accepting donations or loans of old items of all kinds, she said if you’re interested in donating just give her a call at 903-744-6173.