JACK CO. (KFDX/KJTL) — In a press conference on Friday it was announced that a major development had been made in the case against Jacksboro Chief of Police.

The Texas Attorney General’s Office filed a motion to dismiss an indictment charging Scott Haynes, Jacksboro Chief of Police with assault family violence-Impending breath.

“Justice was finally severed,” attorney for Scott Haynes, Rick Hagen, said. “Scott was completely innocent and was falsely accused.”

Haynes lawyer goes on to say that the case was “brought by a paid by the hour special prosecutor who had a financial incentive to prosecute the case.”

Hagen also claimed, ” That prosecutor presented a biased and one-sided case to the grand jury. At the time the paid by the hour prosecutor presented the case to the grand jury he was in possession of evidence that directly pointed to Scott’s innocence that the prosecutor failed to disclose to the grand jury. The same prosecutor failed to inform the grand jury that the complaining witness was involved in a sexual relationship with the lawyer representing her when she made the accusations against Scott.”

Hagen claimed that he challenged the contitutionality of a paid by the hour prosecuter.

“The longer the case went on, the more money the prosecutor would make,” Hagen said. “The paid by the hour special prosecutor ultimately withdrew from the case and new prosecutors from the Attorney General’s office were appointed. The new prosecutors did not have a financial stake in the case and reinvestigated. After reinvestigating, it was established that the complaining witness was not credible and had falsely accused others in the past.”