WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Wednesday morning, October 26, every campus within the WFISD had a new principal.

This is a part of the Wichita Falls ISD’s Principal for a Day program they do in the fall and spring every year. Haynes Northwest Academy may have had a principal you know.

“I’m trading in my desk for an office, but what goes into the day-to-day of being a principal?” KFDX/KJTL Morning Anchor and Principal for a Day Jaron Spor said. “I’ll show you.”

My first assignment as principal was to show a new student to his classroom. Once we were done with that, it was time to get the layout of the land because every principal needs to know every inch of their campus.

“This is my special education classroom,” Principal Tristan Browne said. “If I have a student that has some sort of behavior plan or is it special where they need to work on their social skills, this is a room that they will come to work on their social skills with a special education teacher.”

My next task as principal was to learn how to do door checks.

“We basically push the door out and let it come back in and make sure when it comes back in, it latches here, and I’ll go to the other side just to check no one can come and pull the door open,” Browne said. “Once a week, I go around and check all of the doors just to make sure they are working.”

Then, of course I had to do a door check myself, but I wasn’t quite as natural at doing it as Principal Browne. After that, I got to sit in some classrooms to see some amazing teachers at work.

Now, these are just a few things I did as principal, but being a principal comes with change on a day-to-day basis.

“It just depends on what is being thrown at me,” Browne said. “It just changes every day. I have observation, I have to go talk to a student because they are not having a good morning, so I try to get them settled and ready for the beginning of the day.”

First, I want to thank the WFISD and Haynes Northwest Academy for letting me be their principal for the day,” Spor said. “As you read, being a principal of a campus, things change all of the time. You never know what to expect when you show up to school. There’s a lot of work, it’s stressful, but ultimately it’s rewarding. For me, I don’t know if I can handle all of the stress, so I’m going to stick to my other job.”

After being principal for the day, the participants had lunch and got to share their experiences. They all were very thankful for the opportunity and were impressed with the staff they got to interact with.