WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Former Wichita Falls businessman Jody Wade has pleaded guilty to another felony charge and been sentenced to another term of probation.

Jody Randolph Wade, 50, of Wichita Falls, entered a plea of guilty to the state jail felony charge of hindering secured creditors on Friday, December 16, 2022, in the 78th District Court with Judge Meredith Kennedy presiding.

Wade was placed on differed adjudication community supervision for three years and was assessed a $750 fine.The maximum penalty is two years jail.  Four related misdemeanor charges were dismissed in the plea.

Conditions of Wade’s probation include complete abstinence from alcohol, marijuana, narcotics, and other habit-forming drug and refraining from entering bars, clubs, liquor stores, adult entertainment businesses, or other similar establishments.

While on probation, Wade must not break any state or federal laws. He also must remain within the limits of Archer, Wichita, and Young Counties, maintain employment, and submit to drug and alcohol testing.

According to court documents, Wade will be required to complete 120 hours of community service. However, Wade can donate canned goods to the local area food bank in lieu of completing service hours at a rate of five cans for 1 hour.

Wade has been placed on probation twice before. and in October 2019, he had a probation sentence for driving while intoxicated and unlawfully carrying a weapon revoked after he was arrested for public intoxication months earlier.

The charge for which Wade was sentenced on Friday stems from a May 2020 arrest at a hotel on Elmwood Avenue, his sixth arrest in less than a year.

According to the arrest affidavit, First Capital Bank was owed $684,000 of an almost $1 million dollar loan to Jody Wade Enterprises and was granted a restraining order preventing Wade from removing any collateral property from Big Daddy’s towing service on Armory Road.

The affidavit said a bank official learned Wade took a heavy-duty tow truck to a shop to have the bed cut off. It also alleged two former employees told investigators Wade ordered them to move all vehicles out of the business to another location to have the beds cut off, and also to remove other property from the building.

A foreclosure sale had been held on February 4, 2020, for Big Daddy’s and other Wade Properties. In March 2020, the bank filed for and was granted an eviction notice for Big Daddy’s after it reported Wade had failed to vacate all but one of his properties.

Wade had posted that District Attorney John Gillespie and others were targeting him and were responsible for his financial troubles.

Besides arrests in Wichita County, Wade was also arrested by Washington D.C. Police in August 2020 for having a pistol without a license near a presidential motorcade route. He pleaded guilty to that as well as unlawful possession of ammunition.

Wade was also arrested in November 2021 on a charge of DWI in Young County. Olney police say he was passed out in his vehicle. Deputies said he refused to perform field sobriety tests and refused to give a breath or blood sample so they obtained a blood draw warrant.