WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A man has now been arrested 7 times and released 7 times on bonds this year with his latest arrest on charges of violating a protective order or bond conditions.

On Wednesday, March 15, 2023, Jordy Brent Onstead-Donley posted bonds totaling $35,000 on charges of violating bond conditions or a protective order and possession of a controlled substance.

According to the affidavit, deputies with the Wichita County Sheriff’s Office said after Onstead-Donley was arrested on Tuesday, March 14, at his business on McNiel Avenue and was being booked into jail, a detention officer found three white capsule-shaped pills in his pocket later identified as hydrocodone.

Since January 16, 2023, Onstead-Donley has been arrested seven times for charges including stalking, harassment, and violating his bond or the protective order of the victim, and also for an aggravated assault involving a shooting in Iowa Park on January 24.

The latest charge of violating his bond or two-year protective order alleges on one occasion he sent text messages containing pictures of documents and personal family photos belonging to the victim being sprayed with lighter fluid and burning.

According to court documents, the protective order forbids any contact with the victim of any kind by Onstead-Donley other than through his attorney.

Authorities said the victim said she never retrieved those items from him because she feared for her safety. She said the photos of Onstead-Donley burning the items were taken inside his business on McNiel.

Officers said Onstead-Donley attempted to make contact with the victim to retrieve the photos, then burned them when she did not.

The other new charge alleges Onstead-Donley sent the victim e-mails on or about March 9, saying among other things “I am allowed to miss whoever I want” and that the lack of her presence in his life is a void he could not fill and isn’t sure he wants to.

Since January 16, bonds set on his charges total over $800,000. He has posted bonds 5 times in March alone.

One of Onstead-Donley’s charges is for the shooting of his stepfather in Iowa Park on January 24. He was released the next day.

An arrest warrant filed in February stated “Onstead-Donley has shown a pattern of conduct that leads us [police] to believe he will continue to violate the current conditions of his bonds as well as the protective order that is currently in place against him, we feel that the contemplation of more stringent bond conditions could potentially aid in deterring him from further committing offenses.”

The affidavit also said, “We further feel that the bonds previously set, are insufficient as proven by his continuous criminal activity.”