Junior Police Academy Inspires Future Officers

Local News

From flames to saves to mingling with the brave, kids like Madison Sims flock to the Wichita Falls Junior Police Academy for many reasons.

“My poppy and my dad were in the police department so I thought it’d be really neat to do it,” Madison said.

“One of the most important reasons we put this on is to foster relationships with the kiddos in our community so that they understand we aren’t the bad guys,” said Ofc. Kris Henning. “We really are there to help them, protect them.”

WFPD works in conjunction with the fire department to show kids the ins and outs of serving Texomans every day. About 50 kids participate in the program each summer — and the rewards extend beyond the life-saving skills they learn.

“They develop relationships not only with us, but with amongst themselves and we’ve talked to some who’ve stayed in touch with each other long term,” Ofc. Henning said.

Relationships that will inspire Madison and others to one day protect and serve.

“I’ve always wanted to be a hero,” Madison said.

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