A now convicted child molester, who is serving as his own attorney, had to be restrained after being found guilty Thursday afternoon.

This, after he questioned his two victims in 78th District Court trying to discredit their version of what happened in 2011 in an abandoned mobile home.

The strange trial of Casey Joe Cochnauer, who was charged  with one count of indecency with a child by sexual contact and one count of indecency by exposure involving 10 and 13 year old brothers concluded Thursday.

The jury did not buy Cochnauer’s case that the boys could not be trusted as they took only about 30 minutes to find he was guilty on both counts.

Cochnauer had to be warned repeatedly all day to follow courtroom procedure all while defense attorney Mark Barber was sitting silently by in case Cochnauer needed help.  

The younger boy, now 18, was on the witness stand first to tell jurors what happened, and on cross-examination, Cochnauer questioned the accuracy of his memory and his mental stability.

Cochnauer got the boy to admit he could be wrong about the location of the trailer in Burkburnett, and other details, and also that he has had hallucinations from a young age.

Cochnauer also used a map to show the location of the alleged incidents was not where the boy remembered.

He said he couldn’t have been there at that time because he was in jail. He also asked the boy why he would do such things to them when he was so close to completing his parole.

When the boy said the incident happened not long after the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl, Cochnauer questioned whether the Packers were in the Super Bowl.  

The Packers did, in fact, win the Super Bowl that year.

The older brother took the stand Thursday afternoon and said Cochnauer masturbated in front of him and asked him to do it too, but he said he said no.

He said it confused him and later, he was placed in an alternative school because his anxiety became so great.

In closing arguments, prosecutor Dobie Kosub told jurors the exact date and location weren’t crucial and that Cochnauer demolished the trailer so there would be no evidence.

When Cochnauer closed, he told jurors he wasn’t a lawyer but wasn’t going to hide behind a man in a thousand dollar suit. He again pointed out inconsistencies in the boys’ stories, including that the trailer was not brown but white and said both boys are mentally unstable.

After returning the verdict after their short deliberation, the jury will hear punishment arguments Friday afternoon.

Cochnauer has a long criminal record dating back to 1997.