WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Murder defendant Justin Love, 31, has been released from the Allred Prison Unit on an appeal bond that was granted Tuesday.

Love posted a $500,000 bond set by the appeals court. A motion to lower the bond to $20,000 was earlier denied by that court.

Love’s attorney also filed motions to change restrictions attached to being released on bond.

The Second Court of Appeals court in March overturned Love’s 2018 conviction for the murder of Domanic Thrasher in 2015, on the grounds the trial court’s disqualification of Love’s retained attorney Mark Barber was unjustified.

Barber was disqualified from representing Love for giving evidence to Love’s wife, a potential witness in the case.

Barber had obtained DVDs of witness statements from the district attorney under discovery motions, then gave a copy to Love’s wife.

Love was sentenced to 50 years.

In the motion to have the bond lowered, Love maintained he is not a flight risk, not a danger to the community and would get a job.

It had been set at $1.5 million before his trial.

The appeals court ruled $500,000 was a reasonable bond.

As far as the flight risk, the court pointed out Love organized the coverup and flight to Colorado after the murder.

After this bond ruling, the trial court set the conditions if Love did post bail, and Love’s attorney filed to have those conditions changed.

Love’s bond conditions included having to wear a GPS monitor and report at 12:30 p.m. each day to the Wichita County Community Supervision Office.

Also, if released, he could have no contact with any witnesses from the trial

Love’s attorney objected to that because it would mean Love could have no contact with his wife.

Former 30th District Judge Robert Brotherton presided over the hearings in the appeals.

On October 2, Brotherton amended bond conditions to the following:

  • Love can have no contact with any witnesses except his wife.
  • He can not travel outside the county without permission.
  • He will report to the county corrections office within 24 hours of his release then each week.
  • No contact with any members of the victim’s family.
  • No contact with the other two people convicted in this case.
  • Remain in his assigned home between the hours of 6 P.M. and 8 A.M. each day.
  • If he obtains a job, he must provide his weekly work schedule to the court.
  • He must submit a drug urinalysis within 24 hours of his release and no more than twice per month when requested by the district attorney.
  • He must also surrender any passports to his attorney.

No date for Love’s retrial has been set. The district attorney has filed a request for a review of the appeals court’s ruling for a new trial.

Two other people were charged and convicted in this case.