It took a Wichita County jury nearly five hours to reach a punishment verdict of  50 years for Justin Love.

It was an emotion-filled day Monday as Justin Love was sentenced to five decades in prison for his role in the death of Domanic Thrasher 

Prosecutor Kyle Lessor told jurors to give Love the maximum, life in prison, so he could not get out for at least 30 years. He said Love has had multiple chances to change his criminal activities.

Lessor said as a young adult, Love was given probation with a chance to wipe a burglary charge off his record, but his probation was revoked and he went to prison for two years and soon after getting out was back to engaging in criminal activity.

Love took the stand once again to appeal to the jury and said he never meant for anyone to get hurt in the botched drug deal in 2015 that resulted in three people being charged with murder.

Love also extended his condolences to Thrasher’s family.

He extended his condolences to Thrasher’s family.

After he stepped down, Love said something to the jury and Judge Robert Brotherton ordered him to sit down and keep quiet.

Love’s appointed attorney asked jurors to not give Love a life sentence and allow Love to get out of prison in time to help raise his children and be a productive member of society.

Love said he did not think the sentence was fair, but Thrasher’s family had other emotions.

“Right now, I’m feeling a lot of things, but right now I’m actually feeling a lot of peace at the same time,” Thrasher’s mother Tamika Thrasher-Bradley said. “I’m feeling peace; we got justice. Domanic is good, were good, I’m at peace, right now, I really am.”

For Lessor, the jury made a stance on this case and sent a message for anyone else engaging in criminal activities.

“I think the jury spoke loudly that if we have people that are engaging in organized criminal activity the way Justin Love and Blayne Brooks were, that this is going to be their end result if they’re later convicted of murder,” Lessor said.

Thrasher’s mother took the stand during the victim impact statement and told Love she forgives him and hopes he finds God while he’s incarcerated.

The third and final defendant, Whitney O’Brien is up next for trial.

The prosecutor said in the coming weeks they will be getting with her attorney to see if an agreement can be worked out or if she too will go to trial.