Wichita Falls police say in all, seven bystanders witnessed or helped them arrest a man who abducted a child and said he told them he planned to sexually assault her.
Police arrested 26 year old Raeshawn Perez on Saturday. He is charged with aggravated kidnapping and public intoxication.
Police say he attempted to hide the girl in a house on Clark Street but the kidnapping happened near Elizabeth Avenue and Grace Street at around 3:40 pm. 
An arrest affidavit states witnesses reported seeing Perez pick up a 7-year-old girl in her front yard and run down the street carrying her. A witness followed Perez and saw him in the 1300 block of Clark Street.. trying to put the girl through the back window of a vacant house.
Officers say several witnesses then chased and tackled Perez and pinned him to the ground on Huff Street where he told them and investigators that he was just trying to have sex with the victim, and then  planned to return her to her front yard.
Perez is jailed on more than $50-thousand dollars in bonds.