WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The every day heroes who work so hard to make a difference in our community got a very generous gift from the Kiowa Casino Wednesday night.

Kiowa Casino held their annual dinner and check presentation for Texoma’s Hometown Heroes Wednesday, July 27, at the Kemp Center for the Arts.

“This program, again for us, is always special,” COO of Kiowa Casino Jon Peters said. “Every year, we’ve been doing this for fourteen years, and just when we think our community can’t supersede anything in the past, they show that it’s the dedication of our patrons.”

At this year’s Hometown Heroes dinner, $57 thousand was awarded to 19 different Texoma agencies and nonprofits.

From recipients like the American Red Cross, local police departments, to our local Salvation Army, they all said these extra funds will surely go a long way.

“We can provide utility assistance through the funds that we receive,” Major Joe Burton of the Salvation Army of Wichita Falls said. “Also, hopefully we can help with some rent assistance there, but also get food so we can do baskets and also reach out to a lot of women in our community through women programs.”

Peters said Hometown Heroes is a cornerstone project of the Kiowa in the Community Initiative, where they aim to simply honor our local heroes.

“We just enjoy this every year because this year is a record year, so as we come through COVID and everything else, we are just extremely thankful to the whole community that we understand the value in our first responders and our non profits,” Peters said.

It’s a good deed that certainly doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Oh, I’ll tell you, these funds go a long way to help the people in our community, and we’re so thankful,” Major Burton said.

The projects that provide a helping hand for those who need it most. The agencies that received checks at Wednesday’s dinner were:

  1. Hearts that Care Volunteer Health Clinic
  2. American Red Cross
  3. USO Oklahoma
  4. Salvation Army of Wichita Falls
  5. Wilbarger Humane Society
  6. Humane Society of Wichita County
  7. Burkburnett Fire
  8. Grandfield Fire
  9. Hastings Fire
  10. Randlett Fire
  11. Wichita Falls Fire
  12. Walters Fire
  13. Wichita Falls Professional Firefighters Association
  14. Burkburnett Police
  15. Wichita Falls Police
  16. Walters Police
  17. Cotton County Sheriff
  18. Wichita County Sheriff
  19. Hands to Hands Community Fund.