“I can walk again, I can do stuff again,” Kyle told us.

If you asked Kyle what he was doing just one year ago, he would say he was in a hospital bed in Dallas fighting for his life.

Kyle’s parent’s, Carla & Ronnie Blanchard said, “He had Pulmonary Hypertension and we were told that both of his lungs were failing and his heart.” 

Thanks to one man he’ll never get the chance to meet, Kyle said, I get to live life and get to see…Everything I get to enjoy, I get to enjoy it.” 

Kyle said he will forever be grateful for the gifts that allowed him to keep living.

He continued to tell us, “It makes me feel great, I think about it all the time, it feels like someone is living in me, like I got this person who was alive a year and a half ago, I have two of his lungs and his heart just beating inside me and breathing inside me. I wake up sometimes just really ought to think about.” 

Kyle’s parents added, “It was the best mother’s day that I had ever had but at the same time, I felt guilty to be happy because I knew there was a mother somewhere that had lost her child.” 

The Blanchard’s say they’ve relied on a higher power, and many friends to get them through the lowest of times.

“Our faith,” they said, “Definitely faith in God. We spent a lot of times in prayer and we have a lot of family and church people who prayed with us.” 

Kyle said he owes it all to his parents, who never let their strong faith falter, and always encouraged him to do the things he loves.

“I play guitar and piano,” Kyle told us. “I’m planning on doing weddings and teaching soon.” 

To ensure Kyle’s story continues to play out and inspire others, the Blanchard’s are currently writing ‘Mirakyle’, the story of a young man who never gave up.

They said, “We’re organ donor advocates and we want to get the message out in this book, not to lose hope. Just because you’ve been given the diagnosis, it’s a scary diagnosis but there’s hope so it’ll be a story of hope.” 

Mirakyle is still in process of being written. Carla hopes to have it completed within the next four to six months