WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Gravel, potholes and uneven pavement.

That’s the current state of the parking lots out by Lake Wichita, and with so many great aspects at the lake like the Vietnam War Memorial Statue, many are realizing just how big of an issue the lots are.

“We did have a few veterans who left and then the feedback that we got from them was trying to maneuver a wheelchair or a walker through that gravel. It’s uneven out there when you come through it, it was very difficult for them,” Daughter of the American Revolution Chapter Regent Sonja Gandy said.

Gandy says she’d gotten used to the state of the parking lot, and it wasn’t until after the placement of their memorial statue that she saw just how bad they were.

“We didn’t think about the parking lot. That was just something that we didn’t take in. The landscaping yes, but it wasn’t until Steve Garner called me and said, ‘hey Sonja,'” Gandy said.

Steve Garner is a member of the Lake Wichita Revitalization Committee and says fixing these lots are dire.

“The parking lot is in unstable condition. Today it is sometimes after we’ve had a heavy rain it’s just not but the western side is not useable. I saw you drive your car out here and I saw it hitting those holes, they’re deep they damage vehicles,” Garner said.

Garner says he wants attention drawn to the issue in hopes that residents will urge the City Council to consider it as a project that federal funds could be used to fix, something District 4 Councilor Tim Brewer agrees with.

“I’ve had numerous calls since I’ve been a councilman about the parking lot needing to be repaired and as we drove in, you can tell it does need to be repaired,” Brewer said.

Repairs we all hope come soon.

“Hopefully when the city considers taking on that project, that they will realize that we need the parking lots not only for families to enjoy the park but to be able to sit here,” Gandy said.

“Get this parking lot into a condition that all of the citizens of Wichita Falls and Texoma can enjoy,” Garner said.

Something that’ll be good for every resident.

You can find ways to contact the mayor and councilors by clicking here.