WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Students and faculty at Lamar Elementary School  said goodbye to not only the 2023 academic year, but also the school.

Lamar Elementary School was built in 1955 back when the school’s mascot was the Indians and their colors were Red and Gold.

Now, following the decision by the district to close the school, the students will be relocated to either Booker T. Washington Elementary School or Southern Hills Elementary in the fall.

Throughout its time, Lamar Elementary School has seen nine different principals and has earned numerous accolades such as the Governor ‘s Certificate of Texas, in 1994, and the Capturing Kids Heart National Showcasing Campus Winner Award, in 2017.

To commemorate the school, a ceremony was held with an honor choir performance and the folding of the flag by a veteran faculty member. There were also several former faculty members and past students of Lamar Elementary School in attendance.

Principal Amanda Garcia has been at Lamar Elementary since 2016 and says it has been a pleasure to serve the community of Sunnyside. 

“When I first arrived here we did not have a playground for our students and so as a community we held various fundraisers and we were able to give our kids, over two years ago, an apparatus structure, just for them to enjoy so they wouldn’t have to go off-campus to the Lamar Park, which is part of public property, and enjoy a playground just for themselves,” Amanda Garcia, Principal Lamar Elementary School, said. “And that’s probably been one of the biggest accomplishments to have something of their very own to use and enjoy.”

Garcia also adds that she appreciates parents’ understanding and support through this transition, and that it was a pleasure to be the principal at the school.