“Just looking at her wondering how come they aren’t doing anything because she is just lying there,” Vern Landavazo said.

A father described what it was like as he stood behind police crime scene tape the day his daughter was shot 15 times while she was walking home from school.

A cold, callous, calculated killer, that’s how the district attorney described Kody Lott—minutes before he was sentenced to life behind bars—for murder.

Lott was also sentenced to 20 years for aggravated assault in a Fort Worth courtroom.

The jury did not hear from Lott himself as he chose not to take the stand during his trial and did not address jurors before they determined his punishment.

The parents of the two victims, Shameka Smith and Vern Landavazo did take the stand to give victim impact statements.

Both of them broke down as they talked about the horror that was Sept. 2, 2016.

Shameka Smith told jurors about how she called Makayla, and it took her a minute to pick up and she then told her mother “Mommy, I’ve been shot, and Lauren is not moving.”

During closing arguments, Prosecutor Ron Poole told jurors as they passed around tissues in the jury box there was one man who had no tears and said Lott has no conscience. 

Landavazo said back on that fateful day he thought there are 1,000 children in that junior high and surely it wasn’t his daughter Lauren, but then he called her cell phone.

“Someone answered the phone and instantly I heard screaming, and I didn’t know at the time it was Bianca screaming,” Landavazo said. “But at the time, I could hear someone screaming her name and the way she was screaming it, I knew, I knew, instantly,” Landavazo said.

“It was a scream I have never heard from her or any of my children, and I remember asking God to please keep letting her scream because I figured if she stops, she was gone,” Makayla Smith’s mom, Shameka Smith said.

Lott’s sentences will run concurrently. If he is granted parole, he could be free once again in 30 years.
He was set to be transferred to Wichita County Thursday afternoon.