Latin Lives: Pastor teaches language to students

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It may not be spoken every day, yet it’s still studied around the world; it’s also used in several religious denominations. Though Latin may be considered a thing of the past, some Texomans said it lives in the present.

What was being chanted Saturday was something countless Christians pray every day: the “Pater Noster” or in English, the “Our Father.”

It was chanted by students and the pastor of Saint Benedict Orthodox Church in Wichita Falls.

“Latin, in more ways than one, is the foundation of western language and western thinking,” Rev. Peter Kavanaugh said.

Described as an extra-curriculum school, founded by Rev. Kavanaugh and his wife, the St. Benedict Classical School is made up of about 30 children. Students range in age from 4- to 12-years-old and they learn about subjects such as Latin, writing, gardening and more. Fr. Kavanaugh said Latin is not a dead language; in fact, it’s an essential educational building block.

“If you want to know how to see through the lines, if you want to have a sense of logic, to understand how to connect, A,B,C and D, you need to know Latin,” Kavanaugh said.

Some of the school’s students said though it can be challenging, learning Latin and the classics is fun.

“It’s just cool seeing how the words fit together,” Keaton LaRocque, a student, said. “And like, ‘nomen’ is ‘name’ and you can hear the similarity in a lot of the words. It’s just cool,” LaRocque said.

“It’s really fun,” Issac Haro, a student, said. “And it’s just a really interesting program. It’s fun because there’s times you get to play. I learn something new every time I come here,” Haro said.

“They have found that you really can get excited about this ancient material,” Kavanaugh said. “We strive at St. Benedict Classical School to waken wonder in kids.”

That wonder Kavanaugh and students work on keeping alive ‘in aeternum:’ forever.

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