WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Despite it’s completion in 2021, discussions are still happening about further additions to the Wichita County Law Enforcement Center.

However, in Tuesday’s Wichita County Commissioners Court meeting, multiple proposals were put on hold after commissioners agreed some of the proposed improvements were too expensive.

Wichita County Judge Woody Gossom said there is still some funds that remain to be spent from the $73 million bond approved four years ago.

That bond was meant to build a new law enforcement center, which includes sheriff’s offices and 675 beds.

However, during the construction of the Wichita County Law Enforcement Center, engineers left out key accessories that may affect the facility in the long-term.

“There’s other things that were put in the initial design that were taken out in the process of them trying to cut back, with the architects involved,” Wichita County Sheriff David Duke said. “They were taking things out without discussing with us.”

Proposals like canopies over the walkways were shot down on Tuesday, but additions like bulletproof glass to the front entrances are being considered.

“It really wouldn’t take much to come through those and so we want to get bullet resistant class there and redesign that counter above and reinforce the area below the counter so they would have a safe place to drop down,” Gossom said.

The bond has generated about $2 million in interest over the years and is only to be spent on this facility. There’s about $650,000 left for improvements.

“We had started working on adding things back in that had been value-engineered out,” Gossom said. “Some things we didn’t realize they had changed because when you get that large of a building, it’s not hard to miss some things that engineers thought we didn’t need.”

With other proposed improvements, like repairs to drainage issues and a staff picnic shelter, the county was looking at a total of about $200,000.

County commissioners said that’s just too much money.

Ultimately, the commissioners decided to put theses proposals on hold to be voted on seperately at a later date.

“We’ve really built a very great facility for those law enforcement and inmates,” Gossom said. “But, we did it at an incredibly low cost and we still have a very good facility that’ll operate for a lot of years.”