WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — City officials, business owners and health care members were in attendance for the joint town hall meeting where State Senators Drew Springer and Charles Perry and State Representative James Frank were all ears listening to residents voice their concerns.

“As always it’s good to hear from constituents what’s on their mind and what do we need to do getting ready for the next legislative session,” Springer said.

Some of the issues that attendees brought up were COVID-19 and improving health care and bringing more broadband opportunities to our more rural areas among other things.

“But then we heard about issues that we did a little bit of work on but we still need an awful lot more like property taxes, people are tired of renting their houses from the government and so we know we have work to continue to do on that,” Springer said.

County officials like Wichita County Judge Woody Gossom said having these honest conversations with our elected leaders are discussions that need to be happening.

“They were very straightforward in their answers. There’s some things they’ve said they have to work on to improve they’ve talked about what was done about the ERCOT problem and our power last year,” Gossom said.

Both Senators say it’s vital they continue to be present in the communities they represent so they can continue serving them.

“We’re here to make sure the constituents are represented and the only way we can do that is go out and visit with them, talk to them and understand their community,” Springer said.

“I see now that we’ve got a chance that you can talk to both of those offices they are going to make it a point to not decide whose in District 28 or whose in thirty, they are going to work with Wichita County people,” Gossom said.

Letting residents know that if there’s an issue facing Wichita County, they will always address it.