WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — For one local artist, her dream of having her own art exhibit has now become a reality.

After working on some signature projects around town, Selena Mize now has an art exhibit of her own that features what she calls bodies of work that explore her journey as an artist and the world around her.

“During the pandemic, artists really had to come through is how I would put it. It gave us a chance to focus on our work and on ourselves and it made me sit down and actually get to work on my own show,” Mize said.

The show which Mize has titled ‘Ambiguity’ features pieces that capture the individuals and moments in time that are most important to her and seeing so many excited about her work she says is the best part.

“I am very humble that I have had such a good turnout, so far it’s only thirty minutes in and there’s such a crowd here. I am so excited that everyone has come out I just have no words I’m so happy,” Mize said.

She knew she wanted to include many portraits in the exhibit, as she says portraits have always been her signature form of art.

“Doing portraiture is how I express myself as an artist. For sure it’s an intimate process to be able to paint someone’s face so delicately, and then it makes me just feel more alive and more myself than anything else in this world,” Mize said.

Mize said being able to give an art show to the very community that has built her up as an artist from the beginning is a moment she’ll never forget.

“I’m just so grateful to be a part of the art community here. I’m grateful to be one of the art leaders in our community as well,” Mize said.

And grateful to be creating art that she hopes will impact the lives of others for a lifetime.

Mize’s solo art exhibit will be open to the public through April 8 in the Galleria at the Forum.