Local artist’s work featured at Wichita Falls Brewing

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The doors will soon open at Wichita Falls Brewing.
And when that happens, owner and head-brewer Matt Bitsche anticipates they will be a bit busy.

“I’ll unlock the door and sling beer as fast as I can.”

Until those creations from the tap start to flow, it’s the creation on the outside Texomans can enjoy.
The artist behind the painting says this is the first work of this size he’s done; but ironically, his talent for art arose from the result of an accident.

“I hurt my leg playing soccer. I was out of work for three weeks,” said Sorrow, the alias he goes by as an artist.

“I was like: ‘I’m going to learn how to do Photoshop. So, I did that and I was like: ‘That would look good as a painting.'”

The piece of art on the building’s exterior is painted in spray-paint style with brushes and is meant to be viewed from far away.

Sorrow says there isn’t a connection between the beer and art, other than the owner really liked what he had in mind. As far as the message he’s trying to convey with this painting, he says he’ll leave it to the public to interpret it.

“It just has multiple meanings and multiple cultural influences or multiple cultures can appreciate it. When you’re doing outside public art, you want it to be public friendly, consumer-able to lots a different people,” explained Sorrow.

But when you meet the artist, one can’t help but notice the art that’s part of him, in the form of tattoos, which is reflected in this work. He says his art, both on body and building, reflects what he’s gone through and what gives him strength.

“Depression. I’m a Christian. I feel blessed,” stated Sorrow. “You get blessed when you can find something to present things with. It is something that makes me feel better.”

Sorrow hopes it does the same for all who look upon it: forever and a day.
He said the piece of art took about two weeks to complete. And Friday morning, he was putting the finishing touches on the painting. As far what’s happening on the inside, the owner of Wichita Falls Brewing says he plans to open up shop at the end of this month.

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